Adam Child is a principal at Mobile Home Financing (MHF) as well as President and CEO of Real Estate Finance Corporation (REFCORP), both located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Mobile Home Financing  (MHF) was originally formed to acquire and rehab run down or abandoned mobile homes in mobile home parks around Arizona.  MHF would renovate and sell and in some cases provide in house financing to buyers of the mobile homes they renovated.  This business practice was complimentary to Real Estate Finance Corporation which provides financing for residential rehab projects.   The MHF business model has evolved to developing quality manufactured home communities throughout Arizona that include real property.  MHF is currently developing 15 one acre home sites with brand new Clayton Homes in Tonopah, Arizona.  MHF is also installing 14 new Cavco homes on spectacular view lots in Cottonwood, Arizona.
Adam Child has been a real estate lender and real estate investor in Arizona since 1989.  The goal at MHF is to continue to provide new quality manufactured homes on real property throughout Arizona which gives home buyers the opportunity to own spectacular new homes with property for much less than ground-up construction.
Adam Child graduated from Arizona State University in 1984 with a bachelor of Science degree in Finance and has resided full time in Arizona since 1985.